Mandala Painting

I have been a teacher and painter of Mandalas since 1998. Mandala painting is an ancient meditative technique that comes from Tibet, which I learned during one of my visit in Osho Meditation Resort Puna India. I have developed a personal style of Mandala painting through a study of forms and shapes, colours and painting techniques such as watercolor, tempera, ecoline, pencils, which allowed me to expand my creativity, going beyond the geometry that normally is the base of  Mandala. The Mandala is built through the repetition of a movement around the center, creating an inner state of centering, relaxation and peace. My work reaches also many other locations in Italy and in the East of the world and it has been published by the “Editrice Il Cerchio Della Luna” of Verona in two works “Mandalas of the 7 Chakras” and “Cards: Mandalas of awareness”. “For many years, Mandala painting has been for me a much loved form of expression, and it is still so. When I paint I stick to the Tibetan technique and let everything manifest spontaneously, without my intellectual intervention.  In facts whenever I feel some desire for something extraordinary and special to happen

pittura di mandaòaI experience a tension in myself  that I recognize and let go, letting go also of any expectations. There and then I ask myself what I really want and the answer is clear: to be in touch, relaxed, in a state of no-mind, where the energy can flow freely without control. I move from the fear that the white sheet stirs within me, to the beauty of the Mandala that manifest themselves. I try out new techniques, mixing the ecoline (bright watercolors liquids) with watercolors and inks. I use spray, sponge and an amp dropper to create an alchemic fusion of colors. I use compass, ruler and square, to create the purest patterns, along with thin brushes that require steadiness and presence. I learn by teaching in the courses and group sessions; each individual is indeed an inexhaustible source of creativity and uniqueness. The work I propose deals with all this, and is addressed both to those who are already familiar with their creativity and to those who have never painted before. The technique of Mandala painting is accessible to everyone, even to those who believe, because of childhood conditioning, that the creative state, so rewarding and vital, is not for them. The art of Mandala painting is an extraordinary union of creativity and meditation, where you come to draw and paint with awareness, conscious presence. Is the technique itself that leads you to experience this inner state. Your personal way of arranging shapes and colors becomes a mirror, where you can trace aspects of your personality and recognize the essential qualities that you are expressing in this life.