Mandala Paintining Base Course

The course has a duration of 10 days.

You will learn:

  1. To create your own personal Mandala.
  2. Start up notions of tempera painting techniques.
  3. Reading and interpretation of the Mandala through analysis of shapes and colours.
  4. Osho Meditations.

CORSO BASEThe painting of the Mandala is a pictorial meditation technique that allows us to practice self awareness in a space of relaxation and centering.

But, it is also a technique that helps us to open ourselves to the creativity which is often blocked by prejudices and conditionings.

Mandala painting is suitable to both seasoned painters, searching alternatives to old patterns, and to those who are beginners and want to experiment  themselves. This format of painting permits us to be channels through which energy flows and manifests, allowing us to express the subconscious in our personal Mandala.

Working with a Mandala means working with our inner image, with the energy of the centre, the energy that drives us to a deeper contact with ourself.

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