Training of Mandala Painting


Training for teachers, therapists, social workers and persons who hold or are interested in courses and groups of painting and meditation and to all those who want to deepen their path in meditation and awareness through creativity.

The training lasts for 12 days.
Creativity gets you in touch with yourself through space and emptyness and opens to the present moment and to a meditative state, to silence and stillness of the mind.

The Mandala is a painting technique that takes you to this dimension; it is the container of shapes and colors that represent human nature, it is the mirror in which we find ourselves. Everybody is a channel for creativity, altough we are often blocked by conditioning, ideas, judgements absorbed in childhood ; these lead you to believe that creativity is a space reserved for a selected few. The Mandala helps you contact all this and to get beyond. In fact, through this technique, artistic expression manifests itself in an increasingly flowing and unexpected way, up to the point where you find yourself creating and enjoying fully your capabilities.


“Creativity happens when you are empty, because it is the fragrance of the creator, it is the presence of the divine in you. Creativity belongs to the creator, not to you. No human being can be creative. Yes, man can compose, construct, but can never be the creator. When the man disappears, when it becomes completely absent, a new quality of presence enters his being: the presence of the divine. Then you are creative. “

Osho: The Guest





You will learn the technique of construction of the Mandala in its differentiations, building 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 etc reps around the Center.

Meaning of colours and shapes.


Painting techniques such as watercolor, tempera, pencils, painting with ecoline and water.


Mandala readings (interpretations) and use of centering techniques and deepening of Osho’s meditation techniques.


You learn how to lead groups and Mandala courses and how to work effectively with people.


During the training we will paint our own mandala with tempera, we will use Osho Mandala Meditation as a technique for centering, and we will have moment of sharing.


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