Osho Mystic Rose

The Mystic Rose is a three-week process, lasting three hours per day.
During the first week, participants laugh “for no reason at all,” dissolving the blocks to their inner spontaneity and joy. The second week is devoted to crying. The third week to silent watching and meditation.

Osho says about it:

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redrose_2715bThe symbol of the Mystic Rose is that if a man takes cares of the seed he is born with, gives it the right soil, gives it the right atmosphere and the right vibrations, moves on a right path where the seed can start growing, then the ultimate growth is symbolized as the mystic rose – when your being blossoms and opens all its petals and releases its beautiful fragrance. I have created a new meditation therapy.

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The first part will be laughter – for three hours, people simply laugh for no reason at all. Digging for three hours you will be surprised how many layers of dust have gathered upon your being. It will cut them like a sword, in one blow.
For seven days continuously, three hours every day…you cannot conceive how much transformation can come to your being.

And then the second part is tears. The first part removes everything that hinders your laughter – all the inhibitions of past humanity, all the repressions.
It cuts them away, it brings a new space within you. But still you have to go a few steps more to reach the temple of your being, because you have suppressed so much sadness, so much despair, so much anxiety, so many tears – they are all there, covering you and destroying your beauty, your grace, your joy.

The Mongolian idea was – and I agree with it – that life after life it goes on accumulating in you; it becomes almost a hard shell of pain. These wounds and scars have been developing for many lives. They are not part of the body, they are surrounding the consciousness and have to be released. That’s why all the saints and sages have been telling you ― shouting ― “Go into yourself!” You listen but you don’t go. There is a reason why you don’t go. You know that going in, you will have to encounter pain; going in,210-260 pdf you will have to encounter misery, suffering, agony. It is better to remain outside, engaged, busy.

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So for seven days, you have to allow yourself to weep, cry for no reason at all – the tears are just ready to come. You have been preventing them. Just don’t prevent.

Finally, the third part is witnessing: The Watcher on the Hills. After the laughter and the tears, there is only a witnessing silence. Witnessing on its own is automatically suppressive. Weeping stops when you witness it, it becomes dormant. This meditation gets rid of the laughter and tears beforehand, so that there is nothing to suppress in your witnessing.
Then the witnessing simply opens a pure sky.

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Osho, Excerpted from YAA-HOO! The Mystic Rose

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