Osho Neo Reiki

“ Reiki is a gift of existence” Osho

Osho Neo Reiki is a simple meditation technique, a natural and safe method healing and awarness that everyone can use. Reiki treatsthe whole person including body, emotions, mind andspirit creating many beneficial effects of relaxation, peace, and wellbeing. Osho neo Reiki is also an approch lights for the personal growth. I received the gift of Osho Neo Reiki 20 years ago from  my Reiki Master Pyaso and Paragyan.

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Osho Neo Reiki  give light and awarnessis  to know yourself better. It’s a meditation and technique in which the energy balance happens to those who receive and those who give. Reiki give us the awarness of the energy inside and outside ourself.

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In this group you discover the unconscious mechanisms that facilitate the somatization and weaken the immune system, the possible personality’ traps’ when it identifies with the suffering, both physical, emotional and psychological. You’ll have the opportunity to explore the positive and negative polarities, the elements and energy characteristics in each chakra.

During the first level we learn:

  • Map of Chakras.
  • Osho Chakra breathing and Osho Chakra Sound Meditations.
  • 4 Initiation to Reiki.
  • Self-treatment.
  • Treatment.


This course give us the keys for go deeper in self-treatment and treatment to others.
You receive symbols, vehicles ‘thought-form’, which allow greater focus and channeling energy on different level: phisical, emozional, mental and spiritual.

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We learn:

  • Osho Dynamic and Osho Kundalini Meditations.
  • 3 Initiation of 3 simbols.
  • Use the simobols in treatments and daily life.
  • Mental healing.
  • Distance Reiki.


The Reiki Master is for people who are deep in touch with Meditation and Reiki and want to share theese gifts with others. The last symbol of Reiki is transmitted at the end of the course after the practice of the first and second level.

We learn:

  • Osho Meditation techniques.
  • How to give initiation to people.
  • We receive one initiation.
  • Leading a group of Reiki.

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