About me

Shanti Udgiti Tozzi


I was born in Siena and I graduated in Philosophy with anthropological orientation at the University of Florence. I have worked in Mexico as an anthropologist for 4 years, with the Maya Indians in the South and with the Tarahumara in the North; at that time, I was already searching for my truest Self  and for a different way of living. Shanti Udgiti (the song of peace) is the name that Osho gave me in 1984 when I became his disciple. In those days the Commune of the Master was in Oregon – America, where I had the good fortune to live and work. Later I moved with the Master and his community to Pune – India – where I lived for many years. Many where the gifts that I received: meditating in his presence, participating to the life of the community, breathing all the beauty of a country that I deeply love. I share my research with Osho  Meditation therapy, Osho Mistic Rose, Osho No Mind, Vipassana, Osho NeoReiki, Mandala Painting groups and training. Therapy of colours: Painting groups.

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