Create your Mandala, create your life

Create your personal Mandala will help you to recognise  your resources and potentiality to take your life into your hands.
A path of presence and awareness through painting, meditation and self-investigation.
Shanti Tozzi for over 30 years help people to reconnect with themselves and to manifest its true nature.

Mandala Painting

Painting a Mandala opens creativity and presence. Ita support instrument that, with its continuosly call to the center, facilitates inner contact and allow us to hamonize and transform our energy.


Meditation is the ability to observe the body, mind, emotions here and now, without judgement, interfere, control. Observation creates empty space, detachedthis space is meditation.


Reiki Usui system. Reiki allow us to be aware of our energy and the energy that surrounds us. Through initiations, we open ourselves to receive and give Reikis energy, which helps us to reconnect with our body and spirit.

Xiao Er Kang speaks about Mandala with Shanti

Shanti’s interview about Mandala