Mandala Painting

Mandalas technique is accessible to everyone, even to those who, due to childhood conditionings, find themselves blocked from the creative space so satisfying and vital. Mandala is the extraordinary fusion of creativity and meditation, which opens up to self-exploration with different techniques: pencil, tempera, watercolor, ecoline.

We draw and paint with presence, centering, meditation. Its the technique itself that create this inner atmosphere. In the arrangement of shapes and colors, Mandala becomes a mirror, where its possible to read aspects of ones personality and Essential qualities. Mandala Painting Studio offers groups on weekends to learn how to create a Mandala and how to paint it with the tibetan technique. You will learn the pictorial tempera technique, with particular attention to three-dimensionality.

How to create a Mandala – Eng Subs

Shanti Tozzi. Mandala: How we Create a base with Ecoline – Eng Subs

Mandala strikes the eye, attracts attention by opening the inner listening of the beholder. For whom creates Mandala it’s a meeting of colors, light, shadow – it’s the emergence of symbolic figure that awaken memories and inner harmonies. Symbols and colors that, on paper, surprisingly take life and movement, creating their own energetic vibration.

For this reason, painting a Mandala, or simply observing it, its a meditation of presence and revelation. Creating a Mandala requires the use of instruments and shapes, more or less geometric, that represent the Mandala structure itself. The structure, the technique becomes the beginning of our journey through painting, toward ourselves.

The Mandala-circle holds a space that is the energetic representation of who we are in this particular moment of life, where the center represent our Essence and the periphery is our self-image the personality. The squared part outside the circle is a representation of our relationship with the world.