Mandala Basic Course

The basic course is dedicated both to those people who knows how to paint and wants to experiment new way of painting, and to people who wants to get in touch with their own creativity.

You will learn:

  1. How to create a personal Mandala

  2. Basic knowledge of tempera painting techniques

  3. Sharing moments and meditations

  4. At the end of the course, Shanti will readyour Mandala

Mandala Painting is a painting meditation technique that allow us to practise presence, in a relaxing and centering space. Its also a technique that helps us to open to creativity, which is often blocked by prejudices and conditionings.

This painting allow us to be a channel, through which the energy flows and manifest, allowing us to express our inconscious in our personal Mandala. Working with Mandala means working with our inner-image, with the energy of our center, with the energy that pushes us to an even deeper contact with ourselvesThe technique comes from the Tibetan tradition and allow us, through the repetition of shapes around the center, to relax in the creative process. In the beginning, we create geometric shapes that can become containers of any pictorial element.