Mandala Teacher Training 

Mandala Teacher Training is addressed to whom practise meditation or other ways of inner search.

Its aimed to teachers, therapists, social workers and people who host or are interested in holding courses of painting and meditation, and to all those people who wants to deepen their path in meditation and awareness through creativity.

Admission is reserved to whom who have already participated in the basic course, and wants to share this tecnique. An interview with Shanti is required.

The Training lasts 12 days, divided into 6 weekends, from 10am to 6pm.

How is structured this training:


You will learn the technique of creating a Mandala in its differentiations, creating a 2, 3, 4, 5, 6 ect repetitions around the center.


You will learn the tempera painting technique, with particular attention at the tree-dimensionality. Study of the color meaning, using the map of chakras and Aurasoma.

You will paint your personal Mandala with particular attention at the depth, brightness and harmony. You will learn how to read a Mandala, and to use techniques of entering and lead Osho’s meditations.

You will learn how to hold Mandala courses and working with people.


Creativity allow us to get in touch with ourselves through space and emptiness, opens up to the present and meditation, to silence and quiet of mind.

Mandala is a painting technique that brings us in this dimension; its the container of shapes and colors that represents human nature, its the mirror where you can find yourself.

We are all channels of creativity, which is often blocked by continionings, ideas, judgements absorbed in childhood that makes us believe creativity is a space reserved for a chosen few.

Mandala connects with all this and it also the overcoming of it. In fact, through this technique, the artistic expression manifests itself in a more fluid and unexpected way until the point you can create and fully enjoy your own abilities.

Creativity is when you are not, because creativity is the fragrance of the creator. It is the presence of God in you. Creativity belongs to the creator, not to you. No man can ever be creative. Yes, man can compose, construct, but can never be a creator.
When man disappears, when man becomes utterly absent, a new kind of presence enters his being — the presence of God. Then there is creativity.

Osho – The Guest