Mandala Training on Chakras

A path of 14 days to be divided into 7 weekends. Youll experience the energy of the 7 Chakras and their colors: red, orange, yellow, green, blue, purple, indigo or white. page6image3772144

For each Chakra and respective color youll create a Mandala that assumes our inner energys characteristics, and that is expressed in totally unique ways. The work also assumes a therapeutic value, as we bring awareness to our beings dimensions, and put in the system vibrations of color that enhance our energy.

You will learn: 

  1. Create a Mandala for each Chakra.
  2. Use the 7 colors of the rainbow in their different shades and vibrations. 
  3. Meditations on the Chakras. 
  4. Reading and interpretation of Mandalas.